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Apple Keynote September 9, 2008 Steve Jobs Highlights

The best moments of the Apple Keynote by Steve Jobs introducing the new iPods and iTunes.

Tivo and Google Search Appliance

TiVo executives discuss how the Google Search Appliance has enabled both their customers and call center agents to find answers faster thereby enhancing customer service and reducing costs.

How to determine expected unit sales in a sales budget with a first year business?

I’m working on an assignment and I need to come up with the sales budget for my company I just made up. How do I calculate this number if I have never been in business before and I don’t know how much sales to expect?

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are taking our jobs!

Wake up, America! This is our future! Starring Second City Alumni Ithamar Enriquez and Nyima FunkDirector: Joshua Funk ——– Producer: Mark Kienlen ©2010 The Second City Inc./Ithamar Enriquez . All Rights Reserved. Do you want to be a better improviser, actor, and comedy writer? Then sign up to take a…

How did you prepare to take clerical assessment tests at employment agencies?

Hi! I was wondering how you prepared yourself to take clerical assessments (Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.) at employment agencies?What are employment agencies looking for as far as evaluation of grades relative to these tests? Thank you so much. This information will really help me because I must go for testing…

What can a finance major expect to do as far as work goes?

I am considering finance, but all i have done in school is do problems. A lot of it is very difficult. Do finance majors use everything they learned in their jobs? What exactly do they do? How would a finance degree help me after law school?

Perpetuum Jazzile does Libertango in a Buenos Aires restaurant

While cruising through Latin America on a tour in March-April 2008, PJ performed some unscheduled and unplanned live acts on the go … this one is from a Buenos Aires steak house (great steaks!). Recorded by Ström. Enjoy! !!! NEW CD AFRICA NOW AVAILABLE!!! For more information check out…

Will I need a real estate license to enter into a contract with any apt complex to locate renters for them?

Thank you all for responding so promptly to my question on obtaining a real estate license. Now I see and understand that I don’t need one to locate the apartment, but the obtaining the education would be beneficial to me. If I want to enter into a contract with an…

Cash and Receivables -6 Journal Entry Recap

Financial Accounting SFCC fall 2007

The Worst Jobs in History – The Middle Ages – Part 2

Think your Job sucks? You aint seen nothing yet! Creative Planet, Creative thinking