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What kind of training should I focus on during slow times in sales & marketing?

Economy is quite slow and sales activity is pretty low. It is a good time to get some training and develop new skills / fix bad habits. What are some good subjects to get trained on that benefited you in sales and marketing jobs? Not interested in smoke & mirror…

American Touge – EG6 Surprise! – Hot Version International

English Narration & Subs] Touge Showdown lands in the USA! Keiichi Tsuchiya & Manabu Orido checks out the very best from the US. How do the US contenders match against the original Japanese tuners? You be the judge! Featured cars : Comptech S2000, Comptech NSX, Hasport Civic, Techno Toy Tuning…

Art & Architecture JUNKMARKET Style SNEAK PEEK

Mark gets a sneak peek at some of what’s going down for the upcoming event Art & Architecture JUNKMARKET Style, May 5 through May 9th.

What is the worst customer service you received?

My worst customer experience was about three years ago when I tried to help my father cancel his America Online service. I was transferred to the “cancellation department” and I had to wait on hold for over 15 minutes, finally when it seemed someone was going to pick up, the…

Alex Covers Neo-Cons Spin That A VAT(Carbon Tax) is Conservative on The Alex Jones Show 1/4

Former Fed Mob Boss Calls for VAT and Carbon Taxes Kurt Nimmo April 7, 2010 One thing is certain. If Obama and his economic advisers have their way, you will be paying significantly higher taxes directly to the banksters. Since payroll taxes are already egregiously high, the preferred method…

Oct 14 – Apple Notebook Event 2008 – New way to build – 2/6

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduces the new notebook lineup of Apple. Jonathan Ive talks about how Apple designs and builds notebooks. He continues with the new manufacturing system to build the new notebooks out of a single aluminum body.

Army of Two: The 40th Day: Games In Review (Game Review Analysis) S3E2 Click this to watch Army of Two: The 40th Day – In The Game (Gameplay Overview) S3E2 Army of Two: The 40th Day: Games In Review (Game Review Analysis) S3E2 EA unleashes the sequel to their 2008 third person shooter, Army of Two: The 40th Day. With the original…

What technology was invented in the 21st century?

I need to know the name of the inventor and the invention and the date/year that it was created. It has to be technology. If you know who created the ipod, or blueray, or anything tech. Please let me know! Thanks!

ONYE OBIOMA 3 (Nigerian Movie)

Comedy Movie Starring Osita Iheme,Chinedu Ikedieze,Chinwe Owoh,etc…Enjoy!

FORBIDDEN PHOTO!!! (1.29.10 – Day 274)

HEY! YOU! Yeah, YOU! Look what I can do! hot stuff shirts: .