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How do I transition back to retail management after spending 9 months as a receptionist?

I was a retail Loss prevention manager for almost 3 years. I then moved and stupidly got a job as a receptionist. I want to go back to retail but I am not sure how to explain the dramatic job difference in responsibilities and show that I am still qualified…

How much will i be paying the finance company for auto loan?How to calculate it?

ok so i have bad credit, cant get financed anywhere so might do in house financing. The interest rate will be 24.5% on 30 months for a 8000 vehicle with 2000 down(so really on 6000 loan). How do i calculate how much the finance company will be making off me?

How to clone Chili's Molten Chocolate Cake

Todd Wilbur shows you a Top Secret Recipe from his latest book Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 2. Today he clones Chili’s #1 dessert. Twitter:

Have We Met? for Season 6. Church’s travels through time lead him into an unexpected temporal loop of confusion. Originally released at in summer 2005.

MacBook Air Introduction by Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs introduces the MacBook Air at MacWorld 2008.


Jesus Christ speaks to the bride and compares his divine nature to a crown and uses Peter and Paul to symbolize the clerical and the lay state, and about the ways of dealing with enemies, and about the qualities that knights in the world should have. Book 2 – Chapter…

The Little Mermaid part 2/9

DISCLAIMER: This video is being shown for entertainment purposes only. I do not own, nor claim to own, the legal rights to any of the characters, logos, or trademarks seen within. No copyright infringement intended. Little Mermaid Part 2

What canidates healthcare plan would benefit my family?

Right now my parents are unemployed and our health insurance runs out tomorrow so I am a bit concerned on how my family can get proper healthcare since both of my parents take daily medication.Which canidates healthcare plan would help my family?

FA 8 8 Present Value

Financial Accounting SFCC Spring 2008 Crosson Chapter 8 videos

A drug manufacturing company wants to manufacture a capsule that contains a spherical pill inside. The diamete

A drug manufacturing company wants to manufacture a capsule that contains a spherical pill inside. The diameter of the pill is 4mm and the capsule is cylindrical, with hemispheres on either end. The length of the capsule between the two hemispheres is 10mm. Describe how we could find the exact…