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Pacific Crest Trail Documentary (PART 2) "Walking the West"

Winner California Independent Film Festival (Best Documentary) and Vancouver Mountain Film Fest (Jury Award) “Walking the West” (PART TWO) is an adventure Documentary about a New Zealander and an Irishman who quit their jobs, cash in their savings and walk 2626 miles from Mexico to Canada along one of the…

Inside Gaming, GamesCom DAY 3 (Games Com)

Inside Gaming, GamesCom DAY 3 (Games Com) Flyboys, hell and dead rock stars, this is Inside Gaming for GamesCom Day 3. More goodies inside include: dark void, final fantasy XIV, Alan Wake, LBP, Bayonetta, Beatles Rockband, Dante’s Inferno, & Borderlands FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO:

A Single Man (Soundtrack) – 07 Mescaline

A Single Man is a 2009 American drama film based on the Christopher Isherwood novel of the same name. It was directed by famous fashion designer Tom Ford, who had to finance it himself, as it was his directorial debut. The film stars Colin Firth as the protagonist George Falconer,…

How to block a program from internet access?

My brother is running an internet game, and it’s ruining my broadband, he’s too retarded to notice it, so I need to block it’s internet access, how do I block the internet access of that program only?? My router is a Linksys WRT54GL.

How does architecture influence public attitudes and beliefs?

The psychology behind architecture, it’s more than just for the public’s eyes.. Please help.

Martin Power to the People's Court Part 2

Tommy decides to act as his own legal representative after Sheneneh sues him for hitting her car.

Modern Warfare 2: SeaNanners – Team Deathmatch on Skidrow (MW2 Gameplay/Commentary) Click this to watch more videos by SeaNanners! Modern Warfare 2: SeaNanners – Team Deathmatch on Skidrow (MW2 Gameplay/Commentary) A shotgun on Skidrow = Good times. Directors Channels: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –…

Kimi ga aruji shitsuji ga ore de ep 1-1 (subbed)

New series!! Subbed by Ayako Title: They are my noble masters Ren and Mihato arrive in the city and are unable to find work. They meet Miyu who is about to collapse from Anemia and help get home to her family’s mansion. From there Ren and Mihato (through some odd…

Drake's Wish: A Parkour Story

In the summer of 2008 a young man called Drake, having recovered from operations resulting from Synovial Sarcoma, had his wish granted by the Make A Wish Foundation of travelling to the UK and learning the discipline from Parkour Generations. This short video gives a glimpse into the week he…

Ted Gunderson Reveals Gov. Corruption & It's Ties to "Tim Osman" on Alex Jones Tv 3/4

Alex also talks with Ted Gunderson, a former United States Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who believes the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was destroyed not by a truck bomb, but by a highly classified government pineapple-sized “barometric bomb” that was developed by Hercules Manufacturing in Silicon Valley, California, under…