Atlanta New Hotspot for Fusion Architecture

With the housing market in a small recession, home buyers are in a great power position to get the home of their dreams at a spectacular price. This is especially true in Atlanta where a very large surplus of homes has left the market flooded and plenty of choices for buyers to choose from. Builders are dropping prices and offering incentives and upgrades to the exterior to add more curb appeal for buyers. This has included architectural elements such as window boxes, cedar brackets and gables, garage door hardware, functional shutters, and more.

2006 was a year of tremendous housing growth and development in Forsyth county and helped that county to be one of the fastest growing in the nation. Builders were flocking in and trying to get in on the action. Many builders decided to construct custom homes to separate themselves from the track builders and mainstream. Because of this the architectural style in the north Atlanta area has undergone a great transformation in style which has seen a fusion of many differet architectural genres. Custom homes have done quite well compared to track homes in the housing recession due mainly to the fact that the buyers market has allowed buyers to get more for less than before. Many of the track home builders are having to upgrade their exteriors with window boxes and other accents to attract the buyers in. Many of them are now offering upgrades to the homes to try to be competitive.

Classic country-style homes, cedar shingles, and a mix of mission-style architecture are some of the highlights. Most custom homes offer a combination of rock, brick, siding, and cedar shingle fusion into the home that creates a distinct look of character and variety. Now, you can rarely find a boring custom home in Atlanta that offers simple repeated features all over the front. Because most custom homes in Atlanta are built on hills they are 2-story and this has given architects the freedom to expand into unique elevations that are not typical outside of the state. The new combination of custom homes and architectural styles has helped with the growth in the north Atlanta area and has helped combat the housing recession. “I believe that Atlanta is setting a trend in architecture for rest of America to follow. Atlanta is setting a new standard of architecture by being on the cutting edge and is a great place to raise a family and to find custom homes,” says Matthew Buquoi, a window box manufacturer in the Atlanta, Georgia area. “The success of custom homes in the north Atlanta area has helped to revive classic architecture yet bring new elements of other styles to create a nice fusion of many architectural genres.”

Matthew Buquoi is the owner of Flower Window Boxes, a window box company that specializes in custom no rot window boxes. He works with many custom home builders to help add curb appeal to their homes with window boxes and other architectural elements.

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