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First, I want you to see our presentation with bannerbroker:

Banners Broker (BB) is a new concept to advertise your banners ads, increase your branding and sales, and earn money by selling advertising inventory.

BB is different than other banner impression offerings because BB does the selling on your behalf! You will be paid on your impressions, and will be able to choose how best to monetize all of your remaining impressions.

BB differs from other cyclers because we are product-based! The product is real and your banners will be advertised all over the world! You can even choose the continent, country, and category you want your ads to be displayed in!

By Registering for FREE, you receive 200 FREE Banner Impressions. Promote any business you wish, and BB will blast out your banners.

**Banners Broker has already paid out $51,523,696.00 USD in commissions and has sold well over 10 BILLION Banner Impressions!**


Claim your 200 Banner Impressions by joining for FREE!

Upgrade by buying a Banner Pack in order to enter the Banners Broker Marketplace!

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Sit back, relax and await the LIVE HUGE Rewards!

There are 6 Banner Ad Packages ranging from the $20 “test the waters” package to the $3650 “knock it out the park” package in order to accommodate all levels of internet marketers.

The first REWARDS are complimentary so the higher cost of your initial package, the more money you will earn when your ad panels get REWARDS!

When the first REWARDS are complete, we all need 2 sales to continue the REWARD process. This forces money into the program and ensures Banners Broker’s long term sustainability.

Don’t consider yourself a good seller? Don’t worry!

If you follow our plan below, you will create a true, no sponsoring passive income! You will never have to sponsor ANYONE and your money will GROW indefinitely!
Is Banners Broker A Scam?

Banners Broker is an innovative online advertisement corporation with headquarters in Toronto, Canada, that began up in November 2010. The enterprise offers a way for prospects to purchase banner impressions while returning 200% of that price to its members (who are at the very same time the prospects). Either you realise it or you do not, but it’s a fact that on the internet advertisement has grow to be a huge small business worth BILLIONS.

Banners Broker And Online Advertisement

$106 billion is yearly being spent on on the internet advertisement by organisations all over the globe. $106 billion?! Pay-per-click services like Facebook PPC, Youtube PPC, Google AdWords… are making huge amounts of revenues for their businesses.

Even though none of those providers share the product, Banners Broker pays you 200% of your initial investment cost. So essentially you earn the double of what you invested. You don’t need to be a genius to have an understanding of that. So if you’re still wondering: no, Banners Broker is not a scam!

Bannersbroker IS INNOVATION that is going to take the WORLD by storm

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