Benjamin Fulford on Rense – January 27 2010 Part 1/4

Ben Fulford returns with the headline, “Japan in Deep Trouble” He makes a more reasonable inteview this time, but can’t help but say “top level people are onto the despotic elite” with no proof. In addition, he says next week he would like to see a return to Constitutional rule announced in the US. Again, ridiculous. He also claims to be in contact with top level Rothschilds, who are a part of his Black Dragon society. Again, no proof (videos, pictures, audio?) Furthermore, Fulford claims he a split between the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and Federal Reserve board. He says members of the Rothschild family have been “forced to resign”. No evidence. Fulford also says the UK’s Privy Council ( has more power than the Queen, who they are going to dethrone for “doing nasty things” and replace her with Prince William. If you have been following my channel LiquidMetalBand, you would know that I have predicted Prince Charles to take the throne. However, new media pieces would suggest “Willy is the guy”, as Jeff Rense said. Regardless of who the next monarch is, we know the Queen’s days are numbered. I don’t agree with Fulford on WHY they are dethroning her (I think it’s just genetics), but regardless, top UK politicians have vehemently attacked her, calling her “vermin” and a “parasite”. The trends are clear. As usual, Fulford remains optimistic that the criminals will be “hung from lamp posts”, and that even the mass of the Zionist media can’t keep public

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