Home Show 2008: Vita-Mix Blender

Blend, puree and mince your way to gourmet using the Vita-Mix Blender. This CIA Professional Series gadget comes with variable speeds, a snap-on lid to avoid splatters and a recipe book. Retail $499.

Dell XPS M1730 – Unboxing Accessories & Hardware Overview

Nicknamed as ‘The Beast’ by Dell, here we have the XPS M1730 in Smoke Grey. Video includes an overview of the accessories included in the retail box, as well as an overview of the notebook itself, including its ports and first use. This particular model has the following specification…… Intel…

Making a double ribbon handmade tree topper bow at Keen's Floral Outlet, Scranton, PA

How to Make a Double Ribbon Handmade Tree Topper Bow. The demonstration uses ten yards each of two different styles of ribbon. About three yards of each ribbon will be used to make the bow itself, with the rest of the ribbons used as extra-long streamers that will cascade down…

Dont you just love FASHION HAULS!!!!

went to portland for some MUCH needed retail therapy with my husband!!!! forever 21, love culture, etc!!!! dont you just love shopping…and FAHION HAULS!!! yay!

Aion KOR – Assassin Tournament

Aion: The Tower of Eternity Teaser video from the Assassin Tournament held on the korean live servers. Video from the korean live version of the game. Feb/2009 All rights reserved by NCSoft.

My Own Quick Weave by Janet Collection

Hey Divas & Divos I wanted to try something new like with weaving hair however I was not trying to do all the work that requires a weave which is sitting for endless hours and getting it sewn into your hair, as well as getting it glued. So I thouht…

Doc Eason performs his Opening Card Trick

live from the legendary Tower Comedy Magic Bar

1 Million JOBS will Disappear per Month! – Don't BUY A HOME!

Now we are descending into the dark abyss… welcome…the water is fine 🙂 Please Visit My Sponsor: Sign up for a FREE Newsletter Today! Find information on coupons/deals/freebies and price mistakes: Half-million jobs vanish as economy deteriorates http Retail Sales Are Weakest in 35 Years She is…

Dawn of War 2 – Ork vs. Tyranid: The Unexpected Assault Pt. 1

Just when you think a guy is getting better, something like this has to happen, huh. Using the Orks in yet another failed Head to Head attempt, I thought I actually had a chance. And then they just had to show up… Curses.

UKZ "Radiation" UKZ is a virtuoso supergroup formed by former ‘UK’ keyboard/electric violin legend Eddie Jobson with ex-King Crimson stick player Trey Gunn; Austrian guitar prodigy Alex Machacek; former Expanding Man vocalist Aaron Lippert; and German drumming phenom Marco Minnemann. The ‘Radiation’ video is the first release from the debut EP…