Cold Steel Kobun Tanto: Light Speed

A great choice as an LBE carry knife for CQB operations. The Kobun weights in, sheath and all, at an outstandingly light 6.8 oz. That’s an amazing weight for a knife that has an effective defensive blade of five inches. That svelte weight along with its compact form factor makes the Kobun an excellent choice for troops engaged in vehicle operations; it’s a forgettable carry package that won’t get in the way. Ideal for vertical carry when attached with 550 cord or ranger rubber bands, the plastic sheath is well executed. However on my versions I have found it necessary to tighten up the retention which I address in the video. This one comes in AUS8 steel which is an excellent choice (I don’t know about the Krupp 4116 SS yet). And its tanto blade is highly functional for BOTH utility and defensive tasks. The thin and short handle with its minimal Kraton crossguard is a downside but a necessary compromise at this weight. Train with this knife, hold it tight, and practice your draw before you deploy and you with have an excellent backup weapon for your ops. For the meager cost and weight, this is A LOT of blade. Nutnfancy Likeability Scale: 8 out of 10

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