Direct Sales Opportunity: Is It Right For You?

Working as a direct sales consultant, direct sales rep, or whatever else direct sales companies call their salespeople, is not for everyone. Direct sales does take commitment, dedication, and time. Then why would someone want to take a position in direct sales? What is the direct sales opportunity?The opportunity that direct sales position brings to the table is the flexibility of time, schedules, income, and management. As a direct sales consultant, you have the flexibility to set your own hours, work on your own schedule, and not have an official boss to answer to. On the other hand, this flexibility can be what hurts your success as a direct sales representative. If you have a hard time with commitment, working when someone isn’t watching you, or just motivation in general, then this flexibility could be detrimental to your direct sales career.In order to have success in direct sales, and create a business that provides you with a full time income and beyond, you must have some drive and motivation that will keep you working even when you don’t have anyone to answer to. Actually, you do have someone to answer to: yourself. If you can stay on track, and work when needed and be an outgoing and personable direct sales rep, you will have success in direct sales.Let’s look at the benefits of flexibility when it comes to direct sales. You set your own schedule and hours. If you need time for an appointment, a day off for a short vacation, time to yourself… you can take this time and not have to request it off or schedule it around what your boss will allow. Also, if you want to work more hours and make more income each month, you can do this as well. With direct sales, you will make more money with the more work you put in. At a normal 9 to 5 job, you are going to make the same amount of money each month if you work hard or work just enough. With direct sales, your income will increase if your commitment and dedication increase.Another benefit of direct sales is that you can do it part time and still make a decent amount of extra money each month. You can work a few hours each week with your direct sales business and receive a decent commission check each month as well as free products, depending on your direct sales company’s compensation plan. You can work your direct sales for a few hours each week and build enough business and income to allow yourself the option of deciding to quit your regular job and move into a full time business that gives you the greatest flexibility.

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