MapleStory Mesos and Maplestory Powerleveling Guide

MapleStory Mesos is the virtual currency used in the game ‘MapleStory’. This currency is used to either buy items from NPC (Non-Player-Character) merchants or trading with other players. You can earn mesos by killing monsters or selling your items.

Mesos can come in various forms including the most basic and cheap bronze coin, then the gold coin, next a bundle of cash, and then a sack of gold.

Bronze Coin – 10-49 mesos

Gold Coin – 50-99 mesos

Bundle of Cash – 100-999 mesos

Sack of Gold – 1000-50000 mesos

You cannot drop more than 50000 Maplestory Mesos at one time. Saying this, you also cannot drop less than 10 Mesos at one time. You can earn lots of mesos, allowing you to spend it on necessities for your character. You shouldn’t waste mesos! There is no limit in how many Mesos you can hold, but there is a storage NPC in each town for you to store mesos in.

Earning MesosAre you short on mesos? Need funding to purchase your next equipment? Looking for a way to gain mesos faster? This short guide will list some of the do’s and do not’s of meso earning for each class.

All ClassesDo Winston’s Fossil Dig-up quest. The 30K mesos obtained are a considerable amount for the level (21). Do the quest Alex the Runaway Kid. The level 25/30 earrings obtained saves you from buying earrings at that level. Do the quest Fairy’s Horn Flute at levels 30-40, as it will give Blue Moon Earrings. This will save you from buying cheap maplestory mesos earrings at level 40. Do the quests “To the New World”, “Jane the Alchemist” and “Peace at Eos Tower” at level 40. These quests will give good rewards, boosting your mesos by a large sum. All 3 quests can give a 60% Scroll for Gloves for ATT, which sells for 7-12 million mesos (the actual price depends on the server you are on) Do the quest Terminating the Dark Force, which is the final sequel to the quest The Ore of Dark Crystal. Although the dark crystal ores might be pricey, they are worth the overall scrolls. Do Party Quests. Especially for Ludibrium Party Quest, because you may recieve great prizes, such as Capes, Earrings and Scrolls. Do keep your solid horns or foxtails or anything that can be used for the exhange quest. people will buy them at a higher price as compared to the NPC. Do keep your money in the bank to refrain from buying unnecessary things. Do not beg to buy maple story mesos, it gives people the impression that you are a poor MapleStory player. Some players will get very annoyed when asked for mesos and you might get a defame instead. Do not sell your ores to NPCs. Instead find someone on the free market and sell it. 100/150 mesos for an ore isn’t worth it. Neither should you sell those 1-meso items, chances are, they are worth decent amounts in the market (eg. Omoks, Monster Cards and Scrolls). Do not do the Showa Exchange Quest, as the pay rates are not worth it at all.

Thieves(Claw Thieves)-So, you are constantly refilling stars, also buying MP/HP pots, and you have scrolls/equips/etc. to buy. So, seems tough enough. Well here are some small tips that may help you:

Buy Subi throwing stars for training.(will help ‘down’, the price for refilling stars.) Despite being weaker, icicles actually cost more to recharge compared to tobis. Try not to use the fanciful stars (wooden tops, snowballs, icicles) as the recharge costs tend to be steeper. BowmenDon’t buy cheap maplestory powerleveling from players, since they take more money than they’re worth. A arrow can be bought for 1 meso each in the store or made by obtaining 1 prosessed wood (10 tree branches/5 firewood and 1 stiff feather.) Don’t use upgraded arrows (Bronze arrows) for training.

Cleric:Clerics level 43+ with maxed heal should utilize the monkey forest or monkey swamp. Zombie lupins give good drops, exp, and you can mob them up and heal attack them. They drop nice amounts of meso too, and cursed dolls can sell for a nice profit. Zombie lupins are sort of like an upgraded fireboar but for Clerics. In actual fact, Clerics should NOT be losing mesos.

AoE (Area of Effect) When dealing with Area of Effect moves like explosion or thunderbolt, you will save a lot of mesos by sniping mobs instead of jumping into them and attacking. The main advantage of AoEs are their ability to assail monsters, yet giving the mobs no chance of reaching the caster.

InflationLike any real world currency, the maplestory powerleveling economy is subject to the same flow; because monsters provide an essentially unlimited supply of mesos, the value of the meso has decreased over time. Natural deflation occurs whenever players purchase items from NPCs, or when players who hold mesos no longer participate in the economy, or with an increase in population (not necessarily changing the hands of mesos, but affecting an average income) but maplestory mesos are generally created faster than the population can increase to even them out. This leads to continual price rises of various items.

To curb inflation, Nexon provides ample opportunities to begin anew on new servers, yet these new servers ultimately fall victim to the same problems as their predecessors; so, in order to curb inflation on individual servers, Nexon utilizes an escalating tax system in trading, deliveries, and player shops. Maplestory has implications for trading; because one can trade in installments to evade taxes, new opportunities for scamming have emerged, as well as disputes regarding the number of mesos one recieves.

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