Mesa Air cuts 250 jobs

Phoenix-based Mesa Airlines cuts 250 jobs Regional airline Mesa Air is cutting 250 jobs, about 6% of its work force, as it struggles with declining air traffic and a contract loss, according to the AP. Mesa executive vice president Brian Gillman says about 100 management and administrative positions were eliminated last week. About 150 pilots will also be let go. Pilots union official Brian Richardson said that about 15 pilots have been furloughed so far and Mesa is offering a voluntary leave plan. Phoenix-based Mesa operates some Mesa Airlines flights and the Go! inter-island airline in Hawaii. But the company’s main business is operating regional commuter flights for US Airways, United Airlines and Delta. US Airways has trimmed flights and one of Mesa’s Delta contracts was recently canceled. Mesa’s safety record was noted as having the fewest incidents of domestic regional airlines in the Journal of Air Transportation For more information on jobs in your area, click here.

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