Mind Body & Kick Ass Moves – Death on a beach Kuroda

Mind, Body & Kick Ass Moves meets Kuroda Tetsuzan sensei; Sword Katas, and other unusual skills. A unique clip from the August Productions/ BBC series that looks at the myths and reality in martial arts showcasing various forms, secret skills, ancient knowledge, and hidden techniques from all over the East. Screened by the BBC across the UK and also on Discovery channels across Europe, Middle East and Africa and as Mind, Body & Kickin Moves on FSN, the Fox Sports Network, across the United States. The DVD of the original BBC series is available online at Amazon and www.willhenshaw.com. Shot on location in a Iwai Japan. Thank you Sensei Kuroda. Kuroda Tetsuzan, sensei of the Shinbukan Kuroda Dojo, is the Soke (leader/Head) of several ancient Samurai military disciplines. Kuroda sensei inherited this knowledge through his family line, and is the headmaster of the Kuroda family martial legacy. The arts that he has inherited include: – Komagawa-Kaishin ryu kenjitsu – Shishin-Takuma ryu jujitsu – Tamiya ryu-iaijitsu – Tsubaki-Kotengu ryu bojitsu – Seigyoku-Ogurirryi Sakkatsujitsu Kuroda sensei began his training at the age of 5 and was trained by both his father and his grandfather Kuroda Yasuji. At the age of twenty, Kuroda Sensei was awarded Hanshi Hachidan in Kobudo by the Dai Nippon Butokukai. This was a national record in Japan for such a young person to be given such a high rank. Kuroda Sensei is the fifteenth Soke of his family's system. He is known for his "Disappearing" or "Hidden Movements". See a whole World of Martial Arts Television at www.woma.tv

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