Our Wedding Night: At the Shell Gas Station in Tucson, AZ

Dear Shell, On November 14, 2009 (my wedding night by the way) my husband and I went into the Shell gas station at Speedway/Alvernon in Tucson, Arizona. At first, your employee refused to sell my nearly 30 year old husband a pack of cigarettes. I am 27 and had my ID, so I went into the store and she stated that she could not sell me the cigarettes either even though I had my ID. I then asked for her name and she REFUSED to give it to me, and was not wearing a name tag. Shocked at the way this employee was treating me, I went out to my car and retrieved my video camera, so I could document her erratic and obnoxious behavior. You can see for yourself how this crazy woman behaved by visiting: vids.myspace.com One thing I would like to point out is the fact that she threatened to call the police on me when I was inquiring as to why she couldn’t provide me with her name and the company’s executive phone number and/or address. My husband and I then went all the way back to our hotel, retrieved his wallet and went back into the store and continued to record her as she ignored us, and lied to us repeatedly. I’m not sure if this woman was just having a bad day or what, but I need more than just an apology. First off, I need the first name of that employee. Secondly you need to make sure that all of your employees are trained to provide their first name when asked, wearing a name tag at all times, and can easily provide an executive phone number and/or address when asked. Thirdly

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