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About Notting Hill College:

NHC is an educational institution headquartered in London. The college specializes in further and higher education as well as vocational training. Our students are on courses leading to certificate level and diploma level programmes.
Notting Hill College operates across three major teaching areas which are: Teacher Training; English and World Languages; Business and Soft Skills. The College’s array of short courses, certificate level and diploma level programmes are spread across three distinct schools: the School of Business, School of Teacher Training and School of Languages

Welcome to Notting Hill College Regional Office for the Gulf Area

We are committed to excellent education and quality training addressing the regional market needs. Through our regional office, the college helps students in the region reach their full potential. The regional office also offers Unique Business Opportunities for those who seek joining a global network of leading training providers.

About NHC School of Business for the Gulf Area

The School of Business has a strong commitment to building relationships with the business world, and our level of work with the local, national and international business community is continuously growing.
Education at Notting Hill College – regional office for the Gulf Area has global respect and a well-deserved reputation for its quality and high standards. As well as gaining an internationally renowned education, Its Learning System boosts learners’ career prospects and earnings potential when their studies are completed.

School of Business programmes

NHC –Regional office for the Gulf Area offers business diplomas that enable learners to develop their understanding, alongside practical ability, of a variety of business skills at all levels and for different careers. The Diplomas are ideal for anyone wanting to broaden their understanding of business as a whole, or those seeking to develop specific workplace skills.
Good planning, careful needs analysis, building support, effective implementation, and thorough follow-up are the keys to success of business training at NHC School of Business.
Diploma offered by us:

•Effective Managerial Skills
•HR Management Skills
•Managerial Skills for Sales & Marketing Professionals
•Leadership & Supervision
•Building Skills for Entrepreneurs
•Customer Services Excellence
•Youth Building Skills
•Professional Secretariat Skills
•Professional Training Skills
•Sales Management
•Marketing Management

We offer three available formats for the Gulf Area learners:

Assisted Learning

Our regional office offers assisted learning courses for various reasons. Following a flexible and well-supported assisted learning course enables you to combine part-time study and continue your teaching. You study at your own pace and you fit your study time around your daily commitments. At the same time, you enjoy a face-to-face customer support and take all the necessary academic guidelines for your study.

Blended learning

We also offer a blended Learning format that brings together a mix of a variety of methods to provide learners and trainers with a potential environment to learn and teach more effectively. Our Blended Learning approach combines face-to-face instruction with distance learning. The aim of Blended Learning is to provide a high value support to give opportunities for learners to make independent learning useful, sustainable and ever growing. Learners are provided with Distance Learning materials and have the chance to meet an experienced professional trainer for real world assistance.

Intensive courses

We offer these courses for learners who are in a hurry or have life-changing job offer. This type of delivery encourages learners to reflect on their professional practice and the impact that it has on their setting, colleagues or organization. They develop this awareness by attending hands-on sessions. In these sessions, they will be able to link theory to practice. The classes are taught by experienced practitioners. With these experienced tutors, learners will have all the proper guidance and expert advice needed to achieve their dreams.


Notting Hill College is a member of the international community. We pride ourselves on being a member of different international associations. Notting Hill College is an organizational member of:

• UK Trainers
• Pebble Hills University Authorized Representatives

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