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Why is all this important? Because in joining SFI, you’ve just joined the most global-minded business there is. Put another way, you’re now positioned to profit from the largest market EVER. EVER!

The fact is, SFI was built, from the ground up, to go everywhere and anywhere the Internet goes. And “borderless” is beautiful.

Lots of businesses allow you to market in your own country and perhaps a few others countries, but only SFI, with its TripleClicks subdivisions puts you in over 190 countries and gives you instant access to a marketplace of BILLIONS of consumers.

But SFI gives you much more than just access. Unlike a few companies that have tried to copy us, SFI is actually working and generating income for people all over the world.

Check out our daily Global Growth Report. Look at today’s enrollments and where they come from. Every day, hundreds of people from countries scattered across the globe become SFI affiliates and TripleClicks members!

Now look at the Top Sponsors/Referrer’s list (located in the top right corner of the Global Growth Report). Affiliates from countries all over world dominate this top 10 list every day.

In huge populous countries like India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, and China, SFI is exploding with growth! And yet we’ve only begun to scratch the surface! And what a MASSIVE opportunity this is for you.

Think about the spectacular economic growth occurring in India and China right now. Imagine sponsoring just a handful of strong, motivated individuals in these countries and how many THOUSANDS of affiliates and members they could bring in with your help, and how many thousands of dollars in monthly override commissions could someday be yours!

It’s a fact. When you go SFI, your opportunity is literally as big as the world.

Carpe Diem.Peter

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