Shri hanuman ji cholewale chalisa yantra

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Introduction of the Lord Hanuman

When Mata Anjani and Maharaj Kesri don`t have any child then Mata Anjani did very tough meditation and worshiped God Pawandev to get a powerful and blessed baby. As a result of which she got Lord Hanuman as her son. The actual name of Lord Hanuman is Maruti. Lord Hanuman is an Avatar of Lord Shiva due to a curse given by Muni Naradd of being Vaanar in Treta Yug. Lord Hanuman is the greatest faithful follower since today. As a result of blessing given by the Goddess Sita, Lord Hanuman is immortal forever so Hanuman ji is said to be the only living God of Kalyug.

Why the name of Lord Hanuman changes to Shri Hanuman ji Cholewale Chalisa Yantra –
at the time of Treta Yug, Goddess Sita was using Sindur according to the hindu religion & culture. Watching this Lord Hanuman came to her and asked the reason behind it, and then she replied to him that it is for the long life of the God Shri Ram. In response of hearing this, Lord Hanuman immediately went and put Sindur on his whole body enjoying the feeling and then said that now the God Ram will have longest life forever. The God Shri Ram and Goddess Sita laughed and joyfully blessed him heartedly. Also Lord Hanuman got very happy seeing both of their happiness. So since then Lord Hanuman likes Sindoor too much from the depth of his heart. Lord Hanuman wearing red Chola and Sindoor is known as Shri Hanuman ji Cholewale Chalisa Yantra.

What do you mean by the Shri Hanuman ji Cholewale Chalisa Yantra ?
It is a powerful yantra which is a image of Lord Hanuman. It will come to you after blessed with lots of holly mantras. You will get the following benefits after adapting it: – you will get rid of Mangal & Shani related problems, black magical problems, economical and mental problems, health related problems and peace & joy will come to you.

Benefits of Adapting Shri Hanuman ji Cholewale Chalisa Yantra
People get rid off from all mangal and shani related negative effects.

People get free from suffering from black magic, charms, negativity and psychic attacks.

People got blessed with respect, admiration, status and money.

Success in the field of job and business will come to those who adopt it.

Health remain good and all diseases keep stay away.

People got peace & joy and free from domestic violence.

Don’t have to suffer from loss of money and blessing of Goddess Laxmi will be with you always.

Success in education field will come to you and develop thinking power.

On adapting it, one can succeed in judicial cases and obstacles stay away forever.

Ghosts, spirits and black powers will stay away from you.

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