The 2008 Presidential Election, the Highest Rated Show in Entertainment Today – a Newport Beach, and San Diego Entertainment Attorney’s View

For a Palm Springs, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Newport Beach and Orange County entertainment lawyer, there has been nothing to compare to the drama of the 2008 election. If nothing else, the entertainment value of this election has been able to keep people’s minds off the economy. Everyone has something to watch for.


Will one candidate improve business conditions in San Diego or Orange County more than the other? Will the Vice Presidential pick be able to swing voters in one industry or another over the other candidate’s vice presidential pick? What new slimy negative attack ad is one candidate using to unfairly tear down the other and divide the county?


If it weren’t for politics right now, there would be nothing to be excited about in the entertainment field. Saturday Night Live ratings have gone through the roof because of one thing, politics. Their spoofs on the election have so much interest that they now have shows on Thursdays and Saturdays.


All the usual suspect celebrities who are usually in the news getting into scraps at night clubs, being arrested, having children, selling baby photos, gaining weight, losing weight, all seem to be behaving themselves.


So as an entertainment attorney, I have to say, thank goodness for politicians. Politics which used to be the stuff of boring discussions and something you would never discuss on a first date, is suddenly the topic of the day. And talk about drama….


The first thing we hear as we get home from work and turn on the TV is that the economy is about to sink into a deep hole and if we don’t give $700 billion on top of the almost $400 billion we’ve already spent on financial institutions, life as we know it will disappear. I would have only imagined such dire consequences before this announcement if aliens were about to invade and we needed $700 billion to build the largest ray gun. But this announcement wasn’t on a remake of War of the Worlds, it was on the news, on CNN, and everywhere.


And then there was the drama of working out the bailout plan. It’s on, it’s off. There’s been a breakthrough. Oops, spoke too soon. The McCain campaign is being suspended. Nope, wrong again. Then the bailout is passed and Europe goes into a tailspin almost as fast as Sarah Palin’s star is fading and John McCain’s campaign is headed for the dumpster. Then the negative campaigning starts in earnest.


Suddenly nobody cares what the greatest box office movies were for the week. Are they even showing movies anymore? This political drama is too good to miss. Besides, who can afford the popcorn and drinks at the movies anymore?


Now people are rushing home to see the latest poll numbers and to see the latest skits on Saturday Night Live. What zingers will the candidates have for each other? Will Sarah Palin be able to answer a question better than her rambling ludicrous answers she gave to Katie Couric? Is Letterman going to keep skewering McCain.


And you have the polls that are like following a horse race. First one candidate is ahead by a nose, and then the other is by a whisker. Then one candidate turns on a burst of speed as the other rushes for the wire.


This beats a close football game by a mile.This election has everything and they say they always save their best ads for the last. Don’t you dare touch that dial. This is entertainment for the ages. 


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