The Perfect Direct Sales Representative

When it comes to direct sales, it can pay in the long run to be aggresive and forward with your product or service, but it can also hurt your image and sales. How aggressive is too aggressive? There is a fine line, when it comes to direct sales, of being too forward and pushing potential customers and clients away and having just the right amount of aggressiveness to make sales to the customers that are “on the fence”.

Be honest and let your emotions show your customer why the product or service you are selling is a necessity to them. Don’t just start a conversation with a total stranger with the reasons your product or service is the best and why they need it. Your approach should be very light and a way to get some information from the person. You need to build up an “arsenal” to use as a way to introduce your product or service. During first contact, you should listen 80% and speak 20%. This is your chance to find out about them and incorporate why they should need your product or service.

Direct sales representatives that listen the majority of the time are the few that will become very successful in the direct selling business. If your idea of selling to a total stranger is bombarding them and pushing them to purchase, you should think about your approach and why it is too aggressive. Do you notice how pushy car salesmen are? This is why you see so many people looking at cars on lots AFTER the dealership has already closed… they don’t want to deal with the car salesman. These people that wait to search for cars after the dealership closes are going to find the car they want to purchase, and then they are going to go to the dealership when it is open and probably buy it through the salesman that stands out to them as kind and caring, not pushy and aggressive.

Don’t be “that” direct selling representative. If you push a customer into a purchase and they are not happy that they purchased it later on, who are they going to tell the product about? No one! What they will tell people is that they shouldn’t deal with you and to stay away. People are much more willing to tell friends, family, and even strangers about a bad sales experience than they are about a good sales experience.

With direct sales, you want people to be happy because they will spread the word and you will get referrals and friends of that customer coming to you to purchase. Family members and friends of your existing customers will provide a lot of your future business, so pushing them will just be detrimental to your future business. The customers of a pushy direct sales representatives will be much more inclined to spread the word of why NOT to deal with you and your sales business.

Remember, when it comes to being the perfect direct sales representative, you want to listen more and speak less. Find out about your customer and then find ways to show them that they have need or use for your product or service. This is the key to running a successful direct sales business from day one.

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