Tibet Tragedy 2

Tibet Tragedy 2 Do you know the network of chinese around the world? They can buy/paralize any government by money, girl, and even with threat. Do you know Chinese Business: Work with CCP to get money or die. Look at the Chinese guy work for Boeing. How? Ask the Husband of Phillipine President, ask Thaksin’s family. You know what make Western weak? Sex * China will control the world like Hitler, Stalin Communism is obsolete, but its products, communists, are still alive, dangerous as wild animal, and being brainwashed for Racism, the Chinese Race. Evidence? Read all of anti-Western message on youtube How to detect, control your government? The press. How the press work? Freedom of Speech Is it true that China can buy Tibet from governments, UN, and other organization around the world? If so, it is the war of nongovernment people around the world against cultural genocide and tyrant for Tibet and other ethnic groups. Why China does not allow International Press arrive in Lhasa? Buddha said/explained in Vasalasuttam Sutra: 127. He who, having done a bad deed, longs thus: May they not know about me he who conceals what he is doing, he one should know as an outcaste. Why communists kill 100 million people? Buddha said/explained in (Dhammapada Sutra) 176. For one who falsely speaks, who disregards the Dhamma, who other lives denies: no evil this one will not do. Communists never understand religion Why Han Chinese at Lhasa outnumber of Tibetan 3/1? It is Cultural Genocide www

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