Trial by Fire: LWRC M6A2 in “The Sledgehammer” (Prelim Run)

Let’s check out a preliminary run of a LWRC M6A2 carbine paired up with Glock 34 to go run the Nutnfancy “Sledgehammer” Drill. Conditions were high winds, about 25 mph, dispersed with blowing snow at times (for later runs). A few surprises were in store for this system as run by Nutnfancy Project alumni, “SadlyMissing.” It seems the MagPul Mulit-Mission sling detached itself during the running phase as the worst possible time… the rifle got left in the dirt. The retention toggle wasn’t fastened up as apparently recommended by the MagPul guys; another bad idea revealed as such in realistic shooting conditions (the SH is famous for revealing system flaws…keep watching)! Pressing past the pain of a kidney stone (!), Sadly actually turns in a good performance in this single run of the system: 45 pts. Pistol shooting was steller and the carbine performed flawlessly and with great accuracy. Lighweight, accurate, reliable, and well-built, the LWRC M6 is an outstanding albeit, expensive, piston AR-15 design. Well played Sadly.

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